Testimonials,Client reviews

June 30, 2013     Published            Mark Swain                        Excellent                 *****

I have now had two sessions with Roberta. As others have mentioned she has excellent skill in massage therapy and intuitively finds spots I had forgotten about that needed attention. I wish I could go more often.


June 16, 2013     Published            T.N.                        Hands of the highest skill         *****

Roberta demonstrates the highest level of massage therapy. With time and experience, she has nurtured her natural inate skill to the level of master class. She allows me to continue my work as a surgeon relatively pain free. I have seen many massage therapists over the years and she is head and shoulders above the rest.


June 9, 2013       Published            Catherine M                  A rewarding investment    *****

I have been a customer for about eight months. I look forward to my once a month hour and a half massage with Roberta. She is a very experienced, caring and intuitive person, knowing what I might need to deeply relax even if I do not verbalize any particular need. It is the best investment I have made in my health in a long time. I am glad I called her phone number after noticing the sign at Kaiser Napa You will be too!!



May 11, 2013      Published            Mikie F           Continued Excellence                       *****

Roberta is at the top of her field. She is attentive and responsive to detail. Kudos to Kaiser for realizing her worth.



Apr 27, 2013       Published            A.B.          Can't wait for my next appointment!   *****

I appreciated the time Roberta took to get to know my needs, since I was recovering from knee surgery and still a little cautious with my injured leg. She really helped restore the parts of my body that had become tight due to compensating for my injury and a general decrease in acivity. She paid special attention to my neck, shoulders and wrists since I was on crutches. Not only am I booked for a return viait, I decided to book a longer appointment too!




Apr 6, 2013          Published            larry Fiori                             Valuable Lessons        *****

Roberta's approach was professional with an explanation of what the treatment was designed to do. I also learned what exercises I can do to help with my own recovery. Very informative.



Mar 31, 2013      Published            Lore Duser                          Massage       *****

I very much enjoyed the massage, it was thorough but gentle. I am looking forward to a repeat. Lore Duser



Mar 3, 2013         Published            Pamela Blatt                       Best Massage Ever      *****

I have three massages and they are the best. They are very therapeutic and relaxing! I would highly recommend!



Feb 8, 2013         Published            C.M.                      Hot Stone Relief!       *****

After an extremely stressful week the hot stone massage relieved major tension in my next and upper back. The 45 minute session helped me take time to take care of myself and move forward in peace.



Feb 6, 2013         Published            T.K.                        Solid work      ****

nothing fancy here just good deep muscle work for me. discovered some shoulder tension areas I did not understand. Hot rocks and arthritic hands go together. great manner and technique. un pretentious. great value



Jan 5, 2013          Published            R.Ashley Ekholm-Spann                                Fabulous experience *****

Roberta has the rare gift of "intuitive hands". She is able to find the areas that need the most attention that I am not aware of! She paid special attention to a knee problem I have had no luck in resolving for over 2 months and made it 80% better in 1 session! Don't miss the opportunity to experience her magic touch.




Dec 9, 2012         Published            S.C.                        RE: Most Grateful   *****

Roberta has made an incredible difference in my life with her exceptional massage capability and technique. Years of compensating for an old injury and lack of sleep due to pain have been erased since I began seeing Roberta for massage therapy. My overall health, strength, and well-being has benefitted immeasurably, greatly improving my quality of life. I have frequently recommended her services and am grateful to Kaiser for making her services available.



Dec 4, 2012         Published            Roberta Ekholm-Spann            Outstanding time!   *****

As a physician with an upper back scoliosis I have received many many massages from many practitioners! My experience with Roberta was one of the best I have had. The ambiance was delightful and her touch perfect to elicit complete relaxation. I loved the bonus of use of hot rocks without an additional charge. I'll be back!



Dec 1, 2012         Published            Pamela Blatt                       Massage *****

This was an excellent massage. I am going back for sure in two weeks. I would highly recommend Roberta!



Nov 3, 2012         Published            Pamela Graffigna                             Hot Rocks ****

I had an excellent massage using hot rocks. Always wanted to try it. Warm & very relaxing. Am going back in another month.



Oct 29, 2012        Published            Kinnereth J             Relaxing cap to hectic week. ****

While I felt a bit strange waiting in the parking lot, I followed the directions and didn't knock until my appointment time. The only other strange part was the rocking of the mobile unit whenever anyone moved! My massage was very relaxing, she used hot stones and worked on a few of the kinks in my back. I have re-booked for another massage; she did a great job!



Oct 29, 2012        Published            Samantha Farrington                      WONDERFUL!!! *****

Roberta is an angel! I was having headaches for 3 weeks straight and after her amazing massage, they went away :). She did a hot stone treatment on me that I have always wanted and it felt great. Thanks Roberta!!!



Oct 25, 2012        Published        Margaret Sorenson         Relaxing muscles and mind *****

Roberta had done a massage on me at least a year ago, and i finally decided I needed another massage from her. She is very knowledgeable about the body and proper movement to keep discomfort at a minimum. I appreciated her asking about firmness of her touch before we started and also whether she should talk or be quiet during my massage. I will be seeing her again; as it was very relaxing. Thank you



Oct 6, 2012          Published            Catherine M                       Stress buster *****

I decided to book a ninety minute massage after reading other reviews, even though it was my first time as a client. I was very pleased with Roberta's caring attitude and her expert skill as a massage therapist. I had no particular pains, but desperately needed some stress relief. She used hot stones. The experience was wonderful, a great stress buster and a perfect way to end the week. I have booked another massage already. Many thanks, Roberta!



Sep 30, 2012       Published            Lorri H                   Great relief *****

I came to Roberta with a very stiff, painful neck and alot of other issues. My main goal was to have my neck/upper back worked out thoroughly since I only had an hour, I had her spend the time on all the areas giving me pain in my upper body, in detail. She did that and I came away feeling SO relieved. She was experienced, thorough, careful and adept at what she did. Thank you Roberta!



Sep 28, 2012       Published            Maria Carter                       Outstanding *****

I have totally appreciated and enjoyed each massage I have had with Roberta. Fantastic relief of tension in neck and shoulders. The hot stones are definitely wonderful too.



Sep 27, 2012       Published            John Raymond                  Great *****

In the over 2 years I have had massages by Roberta, my quality of life has been greatly improved. Ie better sleeping time at night and easier at work as well. I haev and will continue to recommend massage services to friends and coworkers.



Sep 27, 2012       Published            Karen N                                Massage *****

Would highly recommend this service. Very professional and I was very comfortable. Rescheduled for another!!


                Sep 20, 2012       Published            C.A.                        Massage ****

I feel so much better. I highly recommend Roberta. she listened and targeted the painful areas that I needed her to focus on.




Aug 31, 2012       Published            Sally B                   Awesome!! *****

The best massage I have ever had. I have another apt next week. I loved the hot stones. I'm sure I will recover much faster with Roberta's skilled massage.



Aug 30, 2012       Published            clara w                  Great ****

I am very satisfied with the massage I received from Roberta. In fact I scheduled another for next week.



Aug 30, 2012       Published            Suzanne W         Excellent Restorative Massage *****

Another wonderful massage from Roberta. This was a more gentle massage than I usually ask her for, and it was excellent.



Aug 24, 2012       Published            SARAH                  the best *****

excellent massage ... focused exactly on the areas I needed the most work on .... an overall wonderful experience ..... Roberta is very highly skilled and personable



Aug 18, 2012       Published  Anita Castellano-O'Gara         Very Pleased with Results *****

Roberta provides an excellent massage experience and listens to my needs for each session. I've decided to continue on a regular basis as I feel the result are very beneficial to me. Have recommended her to others.




Aug 11, 2012       Published            Virginia         Skilled and Compassionate Provider *****

Here you are in the hands of a very skilled massage therapist. Her deep knowledge of the body's muscle and tendon structure enables Roberta to use just the amount of pressure in her touch. The hot stones provide soothing relief. This combination brings almost immediate relief to aches and pains. It is my pleasure to recommend this great service.



Aug 11, 2012       Published            D.C.                        Shoulder Relief! *****

Roberta is great! She provides a custom massage after listening to your needs. I loved that she used hot stones to massage the stress in my shoulders. Price is fantastic.



July 31, 2012       Published            P.R.                        The Best I Have Ever Had! *****

Roberta provides a healing, caring, professional massage, which she will tailor for everyone's unique needs. Her "hot stones" have provided severe pain relief from fibromyalgia and back pain. I don't know where I would be without her! In this economy, this is a treat you can afford!!



July 21, 2012       Published            Carl                        On site massage *

Not what I asked for...I wanted deep tissue, this was more of a patting. The lotion was gooey, thick and did not smell good on my body nor clothing (when I dressed adterwards). It was kind of creepy having a massage in a trailer. I wpuld not go back



July 1, 2012         Published            Susan Prudhomme Great Personal Service ***

I've had several massages with Roberta Adams, and have always found her to be very responsive to my individual needs. She takes a personal interest in her clients that goes well beyond massages.



June 28, 2012  Published Suzanne M.  

Massage therapy benefits even after 1 year post surgery *****

December of 2010, I had extensive jaw surgery. Both my upper and lower jaws were cut and realigned. My chin was cut and pulled forward. I have 36 titanium screws in my face. March of 2012, I started to have TMJ problems. In addition to the TMJ, I also had numbness in the roof of my mouth, my chin and bottom lip. Since going to Roberta, all of the feeling in the roof of my mouth has come back. 70% of the feeling is back in my lip and some feeling back in my chin. My TMJ is minimal.



May 30, 2012      Published            Hector Lopez                     Body Massage *****

Roberta is great with injuries and sore muscles. Her massages have helped me keep working. The only bad part is that the massages seem to go so fast and I always do the 1 hour message!



May 25, 2012      Published mary jo a.       always great massages by Roberta ****

Roberta does great massages,luv the hot stones.I always feel like a new person after she works on me.Thanks Roberta.



May 11, 2012      Published            Jim P                      What a great Massage! *****

I have been coming to Roberta for a few years for massage. She hit a home run in my book yeaterday. Yes, and I love the new hot stone, which she found at the North Coast recently. It surely worked out the knots. We had a lively talk too and my neck has never felt better. Thanks, Roberta, for helping and older body feel good.



May 6, 2012        Published            Anita Castellano-O'Gara     Excellent Massage *****

Very comfortable and worthwhile experience. Roberta did an excellent job and listened to my needs. That night slept without waking up...like a baby.



May 2, 2012        Published            Susan C                                Thank you! *****

I am extremely grateful that Kaiser is supportive of massage therapy. It has been extremely important in m on-going healing to have access to an affordable, professional, massage therapist on a regular basis. Roberta is exceptional. Thanks to her skills I am building my physical strength, sleeping better, and no longer feel that surgery is my only option. She has been insightful and intuitive in evaluating my overall condition.



Apr 29, 2012       Published            S.W.                       Roberta is Great! *****

What a wonderful massage in a lovely environment. I really like the way Roberta makes use of the hot stones.



Apr 27, 2012       Published            M.F.       Therapeutic Massage for Shoulder Surgery *****

I had shoulder surgery for repair of a labrum tear on my left shoulder. The physical therapist at Napa recommended the Massage to Health that was held on premise. Roberta brought immediate relief. Over a period of several months, she methodically loosened muscle groups that had tightened and that allowed for a greater range of motion. It is a great compliment to Kaiser’s existing services and I am glad it is on-site for convenience.



Apr 13, 2012       Published            Kim Franzi                           On Site Massage *****

This was my first massage and it was wonderful. I would recommend On Site Massage to all my friends & family! I have already booked my next massage and am looking forward to it!



Apr 11, 2012       Published            Z.G.                        1st massage by Roberta ****

Roberta was great and I recommend her to others,, however I was a little sore across the shoulders but I expected that as I was really tight. I will definitely be going back to her, in fact I have already made the appointment



Apr 11, 2012       Published            J.L.                          Very pleased *****

Thank you Roberta, everything was clean and professional. You asked me questions the were relevent to my situation and you spent your time and efforts to help my issues. I will return for more massages from you. JL



Apr 3, 2012          Published            Corynne B                           Great Experience *****

I love this service. I received a high quality massage at a reasonable price. Roberta is great! Her warm personality makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I will definitely be going back.



Mar 29, 2012      Published            Steven M                            Excellent *****

Always a great experience! I have been visiting On-Site for several months now and I always receive the same professional service. The hot stones are great and I always look forward to the massage.



Mar 26, 2012      Published            Deborah Schwarzbach                   Great! *****

The visit was short but effective. Very clean, cozy enviorment. The staff was very friendly and calming. The service was perfect and I will definately be back for the hot stones. The stones make the contracted muscles actually relax. The best experience. Thank you! ")



Mar 24, 2012      Published            D.D.                       Simply Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh *****

Better than any drug. Better than a chiropractor. A price that can't be beat. I dare you to find a better set of hands. Roberta is the best I have ever experienced.



Mar 23, 2012      Published            D.C.                        Great experience *****

Great experience in a warm and relaxing environment. Roberts was very knowledgeable about the body and helpful with advise to reduce stress and muscle tension. A wonderful experience and I will be returning next week!



Mar 17, 2012      Published            Suzanne M                         Specific Health Issue Addressed *****

I have been dealing with some severe TMJ problems. Physical therapy has helped. After a massage specific to my issues for the first time in 3 months the muscles in my jaw are loose and relaxed. Roberta is professional and is able to address specific issues.



Mar 13, 2012      Published            Kim R                     Amazing *****

I've had a good amount of massages before meeting Roberta, and they were all good, but she was incredible. She was so intuitive with the amount of pressure, and what areas needed to be focused on that it seemed like she was in my head. She was very attentive to making sure I was comfortable. I walked out feeling completely relaxed, like I was on a cloud. I will be going back as many times as I can. Try the hot stones!!



Mar 8, 2012         Published            Joe Borreson                     Quite excellent! *****

It is so great the Kaiser is offering this at an affordable rate too; Roberta is a great masseuse, very friendly and even if I only had a half-hour massage, know I will be back for a longer one next!



Feb 4, 2012         Published            Starr Green                        On-site Massage *****

Nice to have this convenience at Kaiser and very pleasant atmosphere. The masseuse was willing to try to help and continually check to make sure the pressure was ok. Felt very relaxed.



Jan 27, 2012        Published            R.G.                       Great massage.... *****

Roberta gives a great massage....she targets all the right spots... A massage is very relaxing and beneficial. It is a gift you give yourself and Roberta is very good at her work!



Jan 26, 2012        Published            P.B.                        Do something good for yourself *****

A lovely 1/2 hour of hot stone massage. Eased away the tightness in my neck and back. Enjoy a relaxing massage conveniently located in the Napa Kaiser clinic area. I will be back for more healthy relaxation and self care.



Jan 6, 2012          Published            Roberto T                            Great service with a smile *****

I went to see Roberta at On-Site Massage for the first time. She made me feel comfortable and explained each massage type she would use. The areas she worked on felt so much better afterwards and with less pain than I came in with. Would recommend to others. Thank you!



Jan 5, 2012          Published            Tandi Crowder  Great Person and Relaxing Atmosphere *****

Roberta really takes the time to listen and work on your problem areas, the hot stone massage is the best, pricing is great and location makes it easy to get in and out. Thanks, Roberta !!!



Dec 10, 2011       Published            Jim Prudhomme               Thanks, Roberta *****

Once again you have given me just what I needed. Your care and concern for my condition was sensitive and well done. I am blessed to have such a well done massage. I will be back for more and recommend you to Others.



Nov 29, 2011      Published            Shelley Rivera                    TRY AGAIN ***

relaxing massage! but still needed work on low back & buttocks! I have cronic pain & really need deep work to maintain my busy lifestyle! She was very nice & seemed to listen to my needs (xcept lowback & buttocks area)was relaxing but need special attention to my pain areas!needed hip stretching too! I will try her again when I can! had sum good advice tho! Havent slept on my life side inYEARS! WEARING OUT MY RIGHT SIDE! USE ICE PACKS ALL THRU THE NIGHT:-(



Nov 13, 2011      Published            Judy Cummings                                Relaxing massage *****

The massage was great. Roberta hit the points of discomfort and I was ready to go home and take a nap. The only problem was that when I made the appointment by phone, I was not told the trailer was in the 2nd parking lot, and being on crutches, it was quite a schlep but now that I know where it is, no probem.



Nov 7, 2011         Unpublished      Sue M                   Wonderful Results *****

Roberta was able to help me with an on-going sore spot in my arm. By the time I left, my arm was not only completely relaxed but I could feel that the knot had been massaged out. She also talked to me about the position of the muscles in that area so that I can now take that information back to my doctor. Much appreciated!



Nov 3, 2011         Published            Frank O'Hara                      Better than Ibuprofen *****

I had fallen and injured my left shoulder in March of 2011. I started seeing Roberta in May. When I started with her I was taking vicodin and ibuprofin for the pain. The day after my first treatment I was able to start doing things with my arm I had not been able to do at all. I was able to stop the vicodin after my 2nd visit with her and in July was not Ibuprofin daily like I was. I can't say enough about her caring way and doing whatever she could do to get me back to "normal"



Nov 2, 2011         Published            Miriam R                              Excellent Service *****

My massage was as good as it gets. The atmosphere was very warm and cozy. I'll make regular appointments because of the convenience, professionalism and reasonable rates.



Oct 19, 2011        Published            Renee Grose                     Highly recommend Robertta *****

My first experience with Robertta was very good. She is professional but also makes you feel comfortable. She really listens to the client, and asks questions about your body to make certain she is treating your injuries correctly. I will be visiting again, and highly recommend.



Oct 8, 2011          Published            Richard Graffigna                             Massage *

Great relaxing experience.Will definitely do again.Will recommend to others.It was done in a very professional way.All of the little additives were what provided to the wonderful experience.



Oct 3, 2011          Published            Bob Jones                           Lower back pain *****

I was very satisfied with my treatment from Roberta. She was very professional and I felt very relaxed after my session. I have scheduled another session for 2 weeks.



Sep 29, 2011       Published            Rhonda Jones    Pain in left arm and shoulder blade *****

I have had alot of pain for about 2 months with no relief. I was pleased with my session with Roberta. She was very professional and I will be going back again to have another massage treatment. Very nice and relaxing atmosphere.



Sep 24, 2011       Published            Doug H                 pain to Lt arm ,legs and back areas ****

Have pains since 2009 . Went for a massage . Never done it before . . What a differance when it was done .less pain to all areas .Doing the heat pad treatment an other massage . Thanks



Sep 9, 2011         Published            Amber F                               Migraine was gone *****

I've had many massages by Roberta. My migraines are almost instantly gone after each visit. Definitely recommend for anyone with consistent pain or just someone who wants to relax.



Sep 1, 2011         Published            Ingrid Lacey                        Flexible and kind *****

Roberta was patient, flexible and kind with me. She was aware of my issues and sensitivities, and I really appreciated her style of working. I will return again for sure!



Aug 8, 2011         Published            Melinda T                            Best CMT ever *****

Roberta is the best! She is caring and very knowledgeable. I have gone to other massage therapists and they were weak and not knowledeable at all. Roberta is the one positive experience I have with Kaiser.



July 31, 2011       Published            Sam                       wonderful find *****

Many days ago, I noticed the signs posted outside of the Kaiser building regarding on site massage; I finally decided to schedule one. I am glad I did! Roberta is skilled and receptive to preferences. I plan to return!



July 22, 2011       Published            Patricia W                            Wonderful massage *****

My therapist did a fabulous job working on my broke leg. She really listened to my injury and then brought her expertise to make my connecting muscles relax. I couldn walk better as soon as I left. She is part of my recovery plan.



July 21, 2011       Published            S.W.                       great on site massage *****

Excellent, caring massage. Great attention to my requests. The environment is restful, clean and a comfortable temperature. I was very pleased and will deffinitely return.



July 20, 2011       Published            LaVerne B                           "I Will Return" *****

Another wonderful massage by Roberta. She worked on areas I have been having problems with, and the hot stones were a real plus. I didn't want to leave. But, I'll be ba.....ack!



July 16, 2011       Published            Chelsea Hale                      giant knot on my neck *****

My experience at the on-site massage place at Kaiser in Napa, California was Super. My experience with the on-site massage was Supercalafragalisticexpealadoceous.



July 16, 2011       Published            LaVerne B                           STONES AND HANDS *****

Are you stressed? Do your muscles ache? Is tension wearing you down? Drop by soon to see Roberta. The hot stones and her hand massage will make you feel warm and fuzzy. Try it, you'll like it!



July 15, 2011       Published            M.B.                      Great Massage *****

Roberta is a great massage therapist. The hand and stone massage that I received was great! I will definately book another appointment with her! I highly recommend her!



June 18, 2011     Published            B.P.                        on site massage *****

excellent - and I get massages regularly. The hands and stones got out kinks that had been there way too long. Her practical ideas were welcome. I found myself scheduling another appointment before I left.



May 15, 2011      Published            Julie Holden                       Incredible *****

Roberta is by far the best therapist I have ever had! Not only in practice, but in empathy and generosity of heart. She squeezed me in, knowing I was uncomfortable and then spent well beyond her time allotted with me. I suspect she skipped lunch! I would recommend her highly!!



Mar 31, 2011      Published            Paula Romani                     An Angel in the Trailer! *****

Roberta is my angel! I have tried medications, chiropractors, doctors, etc. and nothing relieves my chronic pain like her caring and experienced touch. Her "hot stones" work miracles. She exemplifies Kaiser's theme of Thrive!



Mar 27, 2011      Published            Craig Baker                         Wonderful, wonderful *****

Roberta is a fantastic masseuse. I look forward to another fantastic treatment on my next visit to Napa. I hope that Roberta will eventually have an "indoor" location. Her services are a great complement to KP's system of care. Thank you, Roberta!



Mar 26, 2011      Published            Charles Oncea   WOW, So Nice, So Relaxing and Beneficial *****

The results were just wonderful. I arrived with a great deal of pain and left feeling soooooooo much better. I recommend these TX's for all "Post-Hip Replacement" patients. The pain reduction and overall relaxation was just wonderful.



Mar 25, 2011      Published            Evelyn Boyd                       Massage *****

The massage I enjoy so vary much, Roberta is one of the best masseuse, I have ever had. She is so nice, she got out more knot than any one else. I think Kaiser should move Roberta in the clinic some were.



Mar 24, 2011      Published            alan l                      Enjoyed *****

Even though I arrived several minutes early, Roberta let me in and got the paperwork completed. I had the hot stone massage, and she did an outstanding job. Will be coming back and recommending her to all my friends and family.



Feb 27, 2011       Published            Dawn H                                The Best Ever! *****

Roberta is the best masseuse I have ever been to. The hot stones she used were so great. It was the first time anyone used this . I usally get sick after the first massage but not this time. Roberta used just the right pressure with just the right heat. My spasums were better for acouple of days as was the pain that was caused by a car wreck. I can't wait to come back.



Feb 20, 2011       Published            George B                             Comfortable ****

Very professional and relaxing. well versed in various techniques of massage therapy that met my needs. Friendly with a home like environment. I would recommend it to my friends.



Feb 19, 2011       Published            Ann L                     The Best *****

Roberta is an incredible masseuse. She is very knowledgable and professional, and I wish I could go to her on a weekly basis. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxing, and the hot stones really add to the overall massage. She goes out of her way to make sure her clients are comfortable and the environment is conducive to a physically and emotionally healing experience. It is well worth the time and money.



Feb 16, 2011       Published            Margaret Sorenson        On-Site Massage *****

Roberta gave me a fantastic massage, and the setting was very personal and cozy-peaceful! For the price I would definitely recommend the on-site massage. I also enjoyed the hot stones.



Feb 12, 2011       Published            D.L.        The results lasted for 7 days afterwards! *****

The masseuse was very professional. I intend to return as often as I can. I was amazed at the energy I felt the next day.I also fell asleep twice while the massage was going on.



Feb 5, 2011         Published            P.F.M.                   Reasonably Priced *****

I had an enjoyable and relaxing ½ hour massage with Roberta. The warm stones she used were new to me, but I like them. Thank you for gently heating the sheets, before getting under them ! This was a good thing Kaiser did for their patients. “I’ll be back” !



Jan 26, 2011        Published            Candace Silverman                          massage *****

I really enjoy my massage. I finally have got my back to not hurt. I think Roberta is great and I will continue with her. Thank you Kaiser for having her in Napa.



Jan 12, 2011        Published            Evie Boyd                            I will be back often *****

I had a wonderful time, Roberta was vary caring and worked fvary hard with my back & neck I found it to be vary good . And I will be going back very often . The price I can have one once a month. I had no soreness after.



Jan 8, 2011          Published            John P                   Excellent, professional massage *****

Roberta was very attentive, asking about my needs and taking notes. The setting is unique in a small trailer, but very private and comfortable....and warm! Prices are very reasonable and significantly less than I have experienced elsewhere in Napa.



Dec 29, 2010       Published            Major Woolard                 I'll be back! *****

This was my first visit, and I found Roberta to be as skillful and pleasant as I could have hoped. I didn't realize how much I needed a massage. I have felt the effects for more than 24 hours. I'll certainly return soon.



Dec 25, 2010       Published            LLB                         Re: I needed that! *****

Roberta gave a wonderfully attentive and much needed massage before the holidays. Loved the hot stones to help loosen my tense back and neck. I'll certainly return!



Dec 17, 2010       Published            Jim P                      Roberta is great *****

I have been getting a monthly massage from Roberta and I must say that I am a new man. Between Fieldenkrais & massage life is good. Being 61 isn't always easy, thanks, Roberta. You owe it to try it!



Dec 16, 2010       Published            Barry Robertson               Impressions of Roberta *****

Roberta runs a first class operation. She's gentle but thorough, treats the affected area with precision and leaves you feeling better. All this with a smile, a bottle of water and a candy cane. Price is right, too.



Dec 2, 2010         Published            k.g.                         Great massage *****

Reberta is the best. She is warm and friendly. Does a great massage, has hot stones. So glad to have her on-site at Kaiser several days a week. I would recommend you give her a try!



Nov 20, 2010      Published            Laura Y                  Very relaxing atmosphere *****

I thought the massage was wonderful. It was a nice calm atmosphere. Very professional and a nice touch. It was obvious the massage therapist was skilled at her art. I appreciated her care and concern to give the best experience. I made a return appointment and am looking forward to it!



Nov 19, 2010      Published            Nicole H         On-siteMassage is fantastic!! *****

Roberta is wonderful! She gives excellent massages, and is very caring. She pays attention to what feels tense and fixes it! I have gone back many times and will continue to go.



Nov 15, 2010      Published            Sharon M          On Site Massage Wonderful! *****

I had a very pleasant experience for my first visit and have made a return appointment. Even though she works out of a trailer, the bed is comfortable and the surroundings are peaceful. I have had many massages and feel Roberta is one of the best. She listened to what was bothering me (neck and shoulder tension) and went right to work to get the most painful spots. I am really looking forward to my next visit as I felt so much better after her care.



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