Employer Ergonomic & Massage Therapy program information


Employers are blamed for most ergonomic problems.

 Most often they are responsible for only a portion of those issues.

 Needlessly costing employers a significant amount of their budgets.

 Augmenting current programs can possibly reduce costs.




Education on WHOLE LIFE ergonomics:

 A)     Seminars and written information on Whole life ERGONOMICS. Recognition of problems being combination of all life activities. Empowering employees to take personal responsibility for whole life ergonomics. Offering suggestions of inexpensive equipment for lifestyle changes.

 B)     Individual evaluations with specific suggestions for Whole Life environments. Fewer claims attributed solely to work environments.

 C)     Medical Massage Therapy as intervention prior to escalation of issue.  

 D)     Simpler, less costly changes to work and whole life environments allowing employees to be more empowered.

 E)      Reduced cost in duration and outcomes for current medical and workers comp claims.


 Earlier Interventions:   

 A)     Education, creating simple yet significant changes.

 B)     Requiring regular employee self-evaluation forms.

 C)     Encouraging earliest possible reporting.

 D)     Encouraging early requests for help.

 E)      Individual evaluations for Whole Life and Workplace environments done at earliest reporting of issue.

 F)      Additional and frequent follow up visits.

 G)     Medical Massage Therapy as intervention prior to escalation of issue.



 A)     Simple equipment adjustments.

 B)     Simple equipment alterations.

 C)     Less costly equipment replacements still meeting ergonomic requirements.


 Reduced cost for current programs with:

 A)     Attribution of issues not being solely due to the workplace.

 B)     Early Medical Massage therapy Intervention.

 C)     Reduced issue of lost worker productivity.

 D)     Reduction in sick leave usage.

 E)      Reducing need for and duration of Physical therapy and Workers compensation.

 F)      Shortened severity and number of Workers Compensation claims.

 G)     Reduction in number of claims for partial or total disability “retirement”.

 H)     Reduction in overall healthcare costs.



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