Corporate Massage programs

Massage to Health supplies massage therapy programs to offices throughout Napa and Solano counties. We provide our own mobile unit that is self contained and offers both table and chair massage.

Our mobile unit allows your employee's the opportunity for a more complete relaxation without ever having to leave the premise's. You never have to keep an office or conference room open for our massage services. 

Employee's that are relaxed are better able to handle the increased workload of today's business world. In addition employee's that are relaxed generally do not access the health-care system as often. This can potentially save on health-care costs.

Our corporate massage program is specifically tailored for your office and your particular needs. We schedule massages with a five minute break between them to make sure your office schedule is not interrupted.

The program can be entirely paid by the employee's (so no direct cost to you) or the cost split between employee and employer or entirely employer paid.

Massage to Health will happily come to your office and provide complimentary sample massage for your executive and supervisory staff, so you can see what a great benefit our program is. 

We are fully licensed and insured and will provide paperwork as needed. 

Roberta Adams C.M.T.
Certified Massage Therapist
Massage to Health 


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